Scholarship Fund

Glenn “Keeper” McWhinney Perseverance Award

A number of years ago, Jeff set up a scholarship fund called the Glenn “Keeper” McWhinney Perseverance Award. Most any money or fees that Jeff has earned while acting as keeper of the Grey Cup over the last 5 years have gone into the growth of this scholarship. With the addition of the Not Without My Teammates book, our goals now include growing the scholarship through partnerships and ongoing revenues from the book to eventually allow for a second presentation of funds to an individual as chosen through Football Canada that meets the requirements of the scholarship and is to be presented annually in the host province and city of the Grey Cup Championship Game each year.

If you would like to be part of this opportunity to give back to both the football and youth community, please click on the link below.

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100% of the donations made by this method will go to the scholarship fund.

Read about Taebyn Tulp being awarded the 2022 Glenn “Keeper” McWhinney Scholarship Award.

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